By MichelleKraemer

Prismatica drop stud earrings

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The inspiration for this series lies in the natural world, within the iridescent colours found in insects, birds and fish, but also the shimmer of a soap bubble or an oil puddle.

After almost a year of uncertainty Michelle picked up her carving tools again and just started cutting, digging and sanding away the balsa wood for hours in an almost meditative state. Followed by hours of applying layers upon layers of varnish and finding the exact right moment to rub in the colourful pigment so it sticks to the not quite dry varnish.

Are the colours attracting attention to fight invisibility or are they putting on a show, to hide a darkness underneath?

Weighing only a few grams each they are so light you’ll barely feel them and your earlobes will thank you!

These earrings are one-of-a-kind from the Prismatica series. 

Jewelry Type:  Earrings

Material: Balsa wood, pigments, varnish and silver

Dimensions :2 x 1 x 1,5 cm

Since each piece of jewelry is handmade, the size, shape and style may vary, which assures it is uniques. 

Please do count 4-6 weeks delivery time. This period may increase upon special requests. Our products are not mass produced.

SaeculaJewels are made in Europe with hands and hearts of master artisans for conscious consumers. 

Please note Silver oxidizes under normal conditions and is easy to tarnish, scratch, and scuff. We do not recommend them to be worn at the shower, swimming pool, hot springs. Chemicals in lotions and perfumes can also cause your jewelry to tarnish.