Siss - The Award winner Artisanal Jewelry


We are proud to have an amazingly talented, young, award-winning artisan join our collection. Having grown up in Transylvania  (today’s Romania) as part of the Hungarian minority Sari later moved to Hungary. She initially attended the Nagy István Art School where she specialized in architecture during the last two years of her studies. She decided not to continue as an architect - even though the mindset of an architect truly appealed to her.  One can also see this frame of mind in her objects. The geometry, the precision, the flow of the object, and the harmony of the form with the body and its environment are the testimony of her architectural mind.

Later Sari studied at the renowned Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, most famous alumni being Ernö Rubik with his Rubik’s cubicle, on Jewelry and Metalsmithing as well as attended other trainings to perfectionize her skills.

In 2018 she won the Budapest Jewelry week for her work on the theme of Babel’s Tower.

Babel’s tower Budapest Jewelry Week award winner 

Sari defines herself as always being close to nature, which is one source of her inspiration. She is also fascinated by materials, and sometimes she let them guide her hand as she only focuses on how they feel and move when she works with them. The malleability and rigidity metals are especially alluring to her. In general, Sari enjoys working with natural materials. Making things by hand is the most comfortable way of existence for her. She defines it as a meditative state, where she doesn't think in words. At such moments she just sees, feels, hears, smells, and thinks in shapes, forms, materials, and movements.

One other thing Sari is also interested in is manual work and perception in a philosophical way. She likes to read about the human psyche.  

 Sari likes the meanings the jewelry carries, the fact that they are worn on the body, and is a communication tool of/about the wearer. Their mysterious quality is fascinating. 


The ouroboros or uroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating or biting on its own tail. The ouroboros series is the starting project of her brand the SiSS where she plans to craft/ design objects.  To Sari Ouroboros means the beginning of her presence as a maker. 

ouroboros snake eating its tailSnakes symbolize many things in nature, in various belief systems. And in mythology snake biting its own tail has been the symbol for eternal cyclic renewal such as the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. 

SiSS objects are the art objects with a soul and elegance to wear on, have all that creative spark for the bold Saecula Women!


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