Whales are mysterious creatures and take us to the deepest habitats of this earth. They are the oldest mammals on our planet. Whales have a complex social behavior, their song is unique and can be heard over long distances under water. This mystical animal, which has been cavorting in all the seas of this world for 50 million years, is symbolically regarded as a guardian of ancient knowledge.

When I asked Heike what was so inspiring about the whales, so that she decided to make a collection two words came out of her mouth:

Profoundness and Wisdom

Whales are profound animals with deep insights and sophisticated social behavior. They learn from their elders; they have social hierarchies, and they cooperate and play in grops. Wisdom is not a foreign word for whales. They do clearly understand wisdom. Learning from their elders is an example of that. Exploring through the deepest points of the oceans is making them even more mysterious. 

How can we dive into the lives of these intelligent creatures?
Let’s explore the Moby&Dick collection by Hyke.

These ancient animals inspired the timeless jewelry collection of Heike and allowed her to invite us to their world through unique pieces dedicated to profoundness and wisdom. The Moby&Dick collection jewelry is made with ossa sepia casting. This ancient way of casting, using the bone of the octopus as a mold, is equally related to the sea and an ancient sea creature, the octopus. It's hard inner shell brings to the surface the typical wavy structure, reminding us of the rocking of the waves.

When whales kept appearing in her drawings, she began to take a closer look at the whales. They inspired and fascinated her. At the same time she wanted  take attention to the endangered habitat of whales and many other sea creatures through these works. With each piece you purchase, an amount of 5-10 € goes to an environmental protection organization.


This collection bears all the values of SaeculaJewels, by appreciating for timelessness and beauty of artisanal design. We care very much about our world and the natural resources. Keeping the production to limited numbers and sharing part of the earnings for a good cause as saving the whales does make us feel content with our choices. 

At the end of the day it is our choice to save the world or watch it running out of its resources and the beauties. 

We are happy if you join us and be part of this action to protect the whales and their habitat!

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