Wired Collection

The Wired collection is funky, edgy, and there to get you in the groove! 

Caroline is a positive, optimistic person and therefore she likes to laugh a lot. She is also very active, riding her bike in all weathers and doing yoga regularly.

Her family and her artisanal craft works are her life. Shared adventures and travels as well as the passion for her profession are inexhaustible sources of inspiration for her and constantly pushing for new creations.

Attentive to detail, she spend hours working on the jewelry pieces in her collections, which consist of unique pieces and small series.

Currently, she especially likes her jewelry to look punky and rocky. It should be irregular and not get boring even after wearing it for a long time.

Get funky CarolineErtl jewelry to add fun, edge and spice to daily life. You won’t regret it!