The Altar by the Tributary

It was the delicate, yet opulent Gingko leaf that took my attention… A few days later, I was in Budapest at a lovely coffee house enjoying our sips of coffee and talking without a break as two friends, who have not seen each other for some weeks. With some people, you simply connect as if you knew them since ever. So was the feeling when I met Judit. Familiar, warm, kind, amusing, captivating, and exciting.

So are her jewelry works. She truly mirrors these attributes on her pieces.

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Judit was educated to be a landscape designer, spent over a decade in corporate life until she decided to move on and make her dream come true: to be a metalsmith. She is one of those smart, inspiring, courageous women, who have elegant boldness and determination. Just like YOU who choose the SaeculaJewels.

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Our designer has a very spiritual to begin the day: The land she resides in was literally a sanctuary since the bronze Age. Maybe a temple first and later a church… The bank of the tributary that flows to the Danube runs through the village can be seen from the round Window of her Atelier, which she calls her Altar. It is where she feels the flow and the abundance of choices to create. Like giving birth, there are endless ways of creating jewelry. While doing it, one learns about herself, mirrors herself. Once Judit’s work is completed with the metal and she cleans it, the radiance of the silver and the gems is simply ecstatic.

Inspired by mother nature, ethnic & tribal elements, and vintage jewelry her necklaces, rings, brooches, and earrings are all connecting to our emotions. The patience and passion are observed in the precision on her pendants. The placement of the gems on the silver is meticulously calculated.

Judit creates her unique pieces with her hands and heart. This makes her work so valuable in a world of fast production and fast consumption. Her altar is an oasis for her and for us who appreciate exquisite handmade jewelry.

My intuition of knowing her, at first sight, deepened further when she generously gave me a ring as a present, which reflected fully reflected me: the metal, the colors, the diverse but elegant design. It is a ring that I can wear and say it has been created for me. A silver ring with amethyst (my favorite color), tanzanite (a rare gem), and the moonstone, which connected me to Judit.

In her Soul Garden / Patio Alma there is so much love, passion, hunger for perfection, creativity, exuberance, delicacy, and opulence at the same time.

We simply love the idea that she shares her Soul Garden with us!


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