Are all the Jewelry Handmade in Europe?

Yes, they are. We select our vendors very carefully and make sure we support European artisans, silversmiths, and goldsmiths. 

Where do you get your jewelry from?

Various cities in Europe. All our products are made by local artisans, small shop owners and made in Europe. We care for a sustainable economy and small businesses.

How secure is the payment?

We cooperate with secure online payment systems and use reliable shop services.

Do you have shops?

We present our products in selected galleries and boutiques in Europe.

Are your products genuine silver?

Yes, you can see the 925 sterling silver on genuine silver products. Unfortunately, some pieces are too fragile or thin to stamp on, yet we still indicate that they are 925 sterling silver in the description part.

Why is the lead time so long?

We work on a sustainable basis with individual artisans living in various cities. Most products are produced either as unique pieces or in few duplications. Since they are hand made they are created one at a time and it takes time to make the jewelry. Due to COVID-19 the transport period also varies from country to country. 

Why do some of your jewelry look irregular in shape?

We resemble our jewelry to organic food. The organic vegetables also do not come in perfect shapes, yet they are by far more delicious and unique in taste than any mass production you will get in the market. Do not miss the chance to have a unique artisan work!

How do we handle brass and bronze?

Brass, Bronze, Copper, and Silver oxidizes under normal conditions and is easy to tarnish, scratch, and scuff. We do not recommend them to be worn at the shower, swimming pool, hot springs. Chemicals in lotions and perfumes can also cause your jewelry to tarnish.