About Us

saecula saeculorum 
definition: in an age of ages: forever and ever


I am a zealous admirer of unique artisan objects. For the last two decades, I observe how hard it is getting to find a piece of affordable artisanal jewelry, produced in a slow and sustainable manner for a conscious consumer. Therefore, I launched the SaeculaJewels for people valuing artisan jewelry shaped in the master‘s hand and looking for bold, fun, and truly inspiring objects.

SaeculaJewels is an online concept store for artisanal design jewelry made in Europe. SaeculaJewels wants to bestow you to mark a special moment in your life with timeless jewelry, which you can pass on and on for generations. We offer that priceless emotional value, where we want to make sure our customers feel satisfied.

The artisans as well as the products you find at SaeculaJewels have unique stories. This exclusive jewelry is made by real people, with real hands and hearts.

The fine craftsmanship can be noticed on patterns and reflected on the glance of the brooches, earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets...etc. Materials used are selected with care and the precision of the master is remarkable. We work with master artisans with experience in working with metals and gemstones as well as the genuine eye and heart for designing them. 

While we are offering a broad portfolio of jewelry we try to make sure that business is done in an economically and ecologically sustainable way. In a world of limited resources, we believe this is our way to contribute to conscious consumerism. As SaeculaJewels we sincerely care about sustainability. Our products are either unique, produced in limited numbers, or simply upon order.  Since the artisans are designers themselves, they simply create a collection with a very limited number and move on to the next for next year, meaning the products are not necessarily re-produced. 

We care about our earth and its resources! Through timeless jewelry, we hope to leave our children a more sustainable future.

Feel the joy, the beauty, the elegance, the vividness, an the empowerment.

: forever and ever