by Hyke

Paseos Necklace

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Paseos collection began in 2016/17 for Heike. She finds the pieces of her jewelry in nature or on the street. This apparent "worthlessness" of what she finds and collects has inspired her to put them in the spotlight and give them a shine. Here, the real value lies in the personal meaning these pieces have. Anyone can come and bring me such personal pieces. Anyone can find jewelry!

Unique Piece cannot be remade!

Jewelry Type: Necklace 

Material: 0.925 sterling silver, sweet water pearls

Dimensions: 60x60mm Chain length, 42cm

Since each piece of jewelry is handmade, the size, shape and style may vary, which assures it is uniques. 

Please do count 4-6 weeks delivery time. This period may increase upon special requests. Our products are not mass produced.

SaeculaJewels are made in Europe with hands and hearts of master artisans for conscious consumers. 

Please note Silver oxidizes under normal conditions and is easy to tarnish, scratch, and scuff. We do not recommend them to be worn at the shower, swimming pool, hot springs. Chemicals in lotions and perfumes can also cause your jewelry to tarnish.