Moby Dick

Whales are mysterious creatures and take us to the deepest habitats on earth. They are the oldest mammals on our planet. Whales have complex social behavior, their song is unique and can be heard over long distances underwater. This mystical animal, which has been cavorting in all the seas of this world for 50 million years, is symbolically regarded as a guardian of ancient knowledge.

The pieces from the Moby&Dick collection are made with ossa sepia casting. This ancient way of casting, using the bone of the octopus as a mold, is equally related to the sea and an ancient sea creature, the octopus. Its hard inner shell brings the typical wave-like structure to the surface and reminds us of the rocking of the waves.

When whales kept appearing in my drawings, Heike began to take a closer look at these animals. They inspire and fascinate Heike. At the same time, we would like to draw attention to the endangered habitat of whales and many other sea creatures with these works.

With every piece you buy, an amount of 5-10 € goes to an environmental protection organization. We are happy if you are part of it!