Art Deco

Opulent, Progressive, Gleaming

saecula saeculorum 

definition: in an age of agesforever and ever

We love the boldness and the glory of Art Deco. 

Timeless geometric patterns, ziggurats, and ancient Egypt inspired this opulent yet elegant style. The symmetry, the geometry used in defining the object often simple, yet highly aesthetically pleasing. We are impressed by its tumultuous and vibrant colors, its sun-burst-like motifs. Aiming higher and higher! 
Art Deco is an ode to fine craftsmanship. Opposite of minimalism, it does appreciate the fine touch of a craftsman working on perfectionism of beauty and clover.
No other thing resembles the Saecula Women better than the boldness and glamour of Art Deco. 

Enjoy the luxury and the opulence you will find in our Art Deco Collection!