Eigenart - A Peculiar studio of Jewelry with Edge

The day began with a short run at the Porta Venezia. What an impressive view to begin the day with! Strolling through the streets of the old town, passing by the two impressive structures leading the way to a cathedral, which took 600 years to complete! As with any other thing good in life timeless buildings, timeless objects take time to create. 

Porta VENEZIA Milan morning 

The city of Milan is as such offers at every corner inspiration for artists and we the common people. Sculptures, architecture, fashion…All in one place. All in every corner of the city.


Entering Valentina’s studio was equally exciting and made you feel like moving into a different world. The walls of an old hangar-like studio, with frescoes on the wall, art objects, and jewelry of Valentina hanging all over. One can simply sit and watch the walls for hours for sake of inspiration and all the positive feelings that art offers us. 


She moves us to a world of floating, moving, dancing, running jewelry pieces with an edge. There s a lot of action going on. Cliffhangers, dancers, runners, humans, bats, sloths, elephants…Yes, there is a whole jungle in there! One does not know which one to stare at first.

 moving necklaces bronze

Born in South Tyrol, Valentina now creates jewellery in her workshops in Milan and Bolzano.

After studying art history, she practiced her passion for the most diverse creative possibilities in various fields of the art scene. Curious globetrotter, from 2017 jewellery becomes her purpose in life, always in search of her own form of expression, which is represented in figures and materials.
Each piece of the collection comes from her hand, the casting in the wax melting process is entrusted to a specialist, and finally, the finishing touches are made in the studio so that the metal gets the desired surface structure.
For Valentina, the piece of jewellery is not just an interplay of materials, but the result of impressions from all over the world. 

The jewellery pieces of the Eigenart brand are unique pieces, handmade by Valentina in a very traditional way. They are accompanied by instinctive, experimental inspiration. The gems are born as small wearable sculptures, reflecting Valentina's sense of concise, abstract form, sensitively interpreted. The soft forms (as in the Dancers and Climbers) or the more hard geometric ones (Rough edges and Fluid borders), bring out the power of the chosen materials, bronze or silver, the clear lines vibrate in the light.
In the creator's private and professional life, architecture and contemporary art are two constants.
Rather by chance, she prefers bronze, the alloy of copper and tin, a hard material with warm nuances that reacts to atmospheric influences, air and humidity.

SaeculaJewels cannot be happier to welcome such an amazing artisan with an edge that offers the creative spark of Saecula’s Bold Women!


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